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Vinod Jhajharia is an amalgamation of sorts.

Part strangely innovative sales and marketing professional, part software and application whisperer. He has a savant-like ability to sense an application’s feasibility and take it to market with freakishly stunning results. Web, iOS and Android platforms bend to his careful manipulations and deliver unexpected results for his clients.

He does not simply design and develop.  He senses, molds, and crafts his projects to become more than his clients had initially had a vision for.  He is a new breed of Web/IT professional and his list of victories in the marketplace speaks louder than code.

A true people person who thrives on connecting with his fellow man, he is a bit of an anomaly in an industry that tends to attract professionals with somewhat anti-social leanings. Technological talent combined with a mastery of social dynamics is a rare commodity today.  He has both.

Vinod currently applies these skills in a variety of professional roles which include positions as:

  • Chief Executive Officer and Marketing Director for Dark Bear Web Solutions
  • Director of Sales and Marketing for Bout India Tours

His Bachelors degree was earned in Engineering/Computer Science from Pune University in 2006.

A man of deep personal faith with a love for travel and meeting new people, he is a unicorn amongst a herd of followers.

He is convinced that the resurrection of Miley Cyrus’ career is a sign of the upcoming apocalypse and he insists on performing all of his own stunts, even if it involves the dangerous use of domestic cats.

His love for nights more than days, means he might miss the breakfast news from time to time, but you can always catch him in the afternoon and evening. (or ‘but you can always catch him later on)

Having long ago grown weary of people coming up with increasingly creative ways of pronouncing his first name, Vinod is known to most of his friends and professional colleagues as Vinny.  This makes people assume that he is of Italian decent.  An assumption that he rarely challenges.  Not even he knows why.

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