Virendra Singh

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Virendra Singh


Virendra also called as Banna, normally appears very silent and less interactive with the rest of team. But, it’s because of him that the entire operation runs smoothly without any hassles.

He looks quite serious and it seems that he might not be having any hobbies. But he is a bollywood movies freak. He has digested almost all the Hindi movies released so far, people wonder he is still alive. Kudos! If you miss out the reviews on newspapers, just give him a call and he will let you know if the movie is worth watching.

He can be a movie-critic for newspapers, but he prefers to devote his precious time to “BOOZE”. Apart from this, he is a family guy. He loves to spend time with his family on Sundays, especially with his kid daughter. He is also quite funny, not in accordance with his appearance.

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