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WHQL testing, also known as Windows Hardware Certification or the Windows Logo Program is a test process used to test software, hardware products, and their related drivers for compatibility with Windows.

Dark Bears Web Solutions provides reliable WHQL testing services to vendors of device drivers looking to achieve the Designed for Windows certification. The authentic certificate attests to the fact that your drivers are suitable and compatible with the Windows’ operating system.

The professionals at Dark Bears Web Solutions have the knowledge and experience to perform WHQL testing using the latest version of Windows and that includes Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.

If you’re looking to acquire any of the Microsoft "Windows Compatible" logos for your system or new hardware product, you can partner with our experts to ensure your software or hardware product is tested alongside its supported Windows Operating Systems.

Quality Hardware WHQL testing

When it comes to testing device drivers for compatibility and suitability with the Windows, Dark Bears Web Solutions is at the forefront. We house the most sophisticated testing environment that enables us to thoroughly test your hardware driver’s reliability.

Our WHQL testing services involves the Driver Test Manager (DTM) framework which takes your device drivers through vigorous stress tests to expose any form of vulnerability.

Once your drivers are cleared, we place them on the Windows Update site, and then follow up with quick feedback and advice from Microsoft.

With rich experience in testing complex system like SR-IOV which involves multiple operating systems, Dark Bears Web Solutions will take the headache out of your product’s WHQL testing.

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Comprehensive WHQL testing Process

From Microsoft Window 7, Windows 8, to Windows 8 RT, Microsoft’s ARM-based operating system version, our specialists are up to speed with all the newest versions of tools and technologies to get your products duly tested and certified.

We have unequalled experience in end-to-end testing of different High Performance Networking and Storage adapters on Linux ESX, FreeBSD and Windows.

In case of any malfunction, our experts extend their technical expertise, analyzing the possible reasons for failure before debugging the issue to align your drivers with Microsoft specifications.

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