Why Every Business Should Have a Mobile App

Why Every Business Should Have a Mobile App

With an exponential growth of smartphone users, people tend to reach out to their smartphone for information of all sorts rather than booting up a computer. Waiting to get an access to a computer just to look up something is not anymore the case.

Smartphones users by the end of 2015

Only big brands and online stores can have mobile apps – that’s a misconception now. Every business should recognize the importance of mobile applications as having a website and be done with it is not going to cut it. Having a mobile friendly website is good but having a mobile application will bring much more to the table.

When a customer has your app installed, it won’t matter if he uses it on regular basis or not but even if he gets a glance of it while scrolling through application list will register your brand on Customer’s mind unconsciously. Another benefit is having information about your brand available to the user at few taps. It can serve as one window solution for all the services your brand provides. For example: prices, timings, booking forms, request status… (you get the idea). There go numerous customer calls asking simple queries out of the window. For a restaurant, an app could help a customer to book a table from app itself in few clicks – without going through the hassle of calling and waiting.

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Push notifications take discounts and offers to whole another level. You can let your customer know of new offers as soon as they are launched via push notifications. An app can also help a customer in availing that offer from the app itself, thus, streamlining the whole process.

Small businesses are starting to notice the value of mobile applications. Any business that decides to get a mobile app now will surely have an edge over its competition. It makes a business look like they are here to stay and that they know how to cope up with current trends.

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