Why Website Security is Important

Why Website Security is Important

Web sites are unfortunately likely to suffer from to security risks like hacking and malware infection and so are any computers which access these websites.  If security protocols are not established properly, then internal network, websites or emails may get hacked!

Website Security

The History of Cyber Attacks

Cyber-attack targets Websites, computer information systems, infrastructures, computer networks, and personal computer devices by various means of malicious acts usually originating from an anonymous source that either steals, alters, or destroys a specified target by hacking into a susceptible system.

Example of Biggest Cyber Attacks In History

Flame – Also known as Skywiper and Flamer (2012)

July 2009 Cyber Attacks

Canadian Government Hacking (February 2011)

Paypal (December 2010)

Project Chanology (January 2008)

India (July 12, 2012)

Epsilon – One of the costliest cyber attacks in history (2011)

What is the reason most people don’t lock up their website?

  • Lack of awareness of the risks and consequences.
  • Belief amongst small business owners that they’re too small to be noticed by Hackers.


We recommend Sucuri for Website Security

Sucuri is a company that offers a security service that detects unauthorized changes to network (cloud) assets, including web sites, DNS, Whois records, SSL certificates and others. It is also heavily used as an early warning system to detect malware, spam and other security issues on web sites and DNS hijacking.

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